Organized Labor

Strong unions are the backbone of our middle class, and with unions under assault in Washington, Rep. Connolly believes we need to ensure we are pushing back in Massachusetts. First, that means resisting efforts to privatize good union jobs in public services like transportation, and second that means ensuring unions have full access to political power and are heard, respected, and represented at all levels of government.

Rep. Connolly is proud to work with labor partners such as the AFL-CIO, the SEIU statewide council, AFSCME, Massachusetts Building Trades Council, and all of the local unions in the Greater Boston area.

In his first term, Rep. Connolly has proudly:

  • Filed H.2361 - An Act protecting the right to strike ensuring all public sector employees have the right to strike
  • Co-sponsored S.1426 - An Act relative to the collective bargaining rights for employees of the committee for public counsel services allowing public defenders to unionize
  • Co-sponsored S.1022 - An Act establishing collective bargaining rights for TNC drivers allowing “gig economy” drivers to unionize

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