Animal Welfare

The true mark of the moral progression of a society is how it treats all living things.

Rep. Connolly works to protect wildlife by preserving open space, combat international trafficking by ensuring Massachusetts plays no part in the Rhino horn trade, protect pets by ensuring owners and breeders follow best practices, protect farm and research animals from inhumane treatment, protect large exotic animals from cruel treatment in circuses, and curtail poaching.

Rep. Connolly is proud to work with the MSPCA and the Massachusetts Animal Fund.

In his first term, Rep. Connolly has proudly:

  • Voted to enact S.2646 - An Act to protect animal welfare and safety in cities and towns increasing reporting, updating penalties, and prohibiting certain cruel acts
  • S.2624 - An Act protecting research animals  facilitating relationships between laboratories and animal rescue organizations for when animals are no longer needed they can be made available for public adoption.
  • H.1080 - An Act to protect puppies and kittens - preventing the sale of dogs or cats less than 8 weeks of age, providing a remedy when sick dogs and cats are sold, regulating certain breeders, and ensuring the sources pet shops receive puppies and kittens from adhere to certain standards
  • H.419 - An Act relative to ivory and rhino horn trafficking limiting the sale, trade and distribution of ivory products within the state ensuring the Commonwealth doesn’t play a role in the unprecedented global poaching crisis by bringing Massachusetts law in line with federal regulations limiting the trade in ivory and rhino horns.
  • H.418 - An Act relative to the use of elephants in traveling acts banning elephants from traveling shows in Massachusetts.