Economic Justice

Nobody working a full time job should be living in poverty, and people who work should be able to take ample time off for themselves and their families. The workplace should be fair to the worker and free from discrimination. Corporations should pay their fair share of taxes and we must re-examine our unequal corporate tax incentive strategy. We must preserve net neutrality because the equitable free flow of information upholds our democracy.

Rep. Connolly is proud to work with statewide organizations Jobs with Justice, Jewish Alliance for Law and Social Action, the Raise Up Coalition, the National Association of Social Workers, and others.

In his first term, Rep. Connolly has proudly:

  • Filed H.3141 - An Act protecting workers' wages from arbitrary recoupment of overpayments protecting for workers if an employer mistakenly overpays and sets a framework for how employers can fairly recoup their payments.
  • Voted to enact H.1038 - An Act establishing the Massachusetts pregnant workers fairness act protecting pregnant women from discrimination in the workplace
  • Voted no on amendment #32 to H.4741 - An Act relative to economic development in the commonwealth because sales tax holidays don’t benefit small business and perpetuate our current austerity funding situation
  • Voted to enact H.4640 - An Act relative to minimum wage, paid family medical leave and the sales tax holiday raising the minimum wage to $15/hr and establishing paid family medical leave
  • Co-sponsored H.101 - An Act improving public health through a common application for core food, health and safety-net programs making it easier for individuals to apply for social services
  • Co-sponsored H.1033 - An Act to prevent wage theft and promote employer accountability
  • Co-sponsored H.4151 - An Act protecting consumers by prohibiting blocking, throwing, or paid prioritization in the provision of Interest service upholding net neutrality

Where Rep. Connolly is talking about this: