Gun Control

School shootings have become all too routine across the country. We know strict yet sensible gun control curtails gun violence in our communities. Massachusetts is a leader nationwide on gun control and Rep. Connolly would like to strengthen and redouble our efforts like upholding our assault weapons ban, ensuring a smooth roll-out of Extreme Risk Protective Order policy, and addressing the new threat of  unregulated 3-D printed firearms.

Rep. Connolly is proud to work with local partner Moms Demand Action.

In his first term, Rep. Connolly has proudly:

  • Voted to enact H.4670 - An Act relative to firearms,¬†allowing family and law enforcement to petition a judge to temporarily suspend an individual's access to firearms if deemed a danger to themselves or others. Rep. Connolly is proud to be a co-sponsor of the original drafts of this legislation.
  • Voted to enact H.4008 a fall 2017 supplemental budget which included a ban on bumpstocks.
  • Co-sponsored H.4899 - An Act relative to 3D printed weapons and "ghost guns" requiring anyone manufacturing a 3D printed weapon be properly licensed and all such weapons have a serial number.

Where Rep. Connolly is talking about this:

Students Rally at Statehouse Against Gun Violence, The Enterprise, Mar. 14, 2018