Letter to MassDOT in support of Longfellow bike lanes

It was recently announced that the Longfellow Bridge renovation project is set to be fully completed by May of this year. This represents a big milestone for a project that started being conceptualized and planned almost a decade ago and has involved several years of construction and closures.

Representative Jay Livingstone and I are now joining with advocates from LivableStreets, the Boston Cyclist Union, and other organizations to call on the Massachusetts Department of Transportation to seriously consider alternate stripping configurations for the inbound side of the bridge.

The current plan calls for opening a second automobile travel lane on the inbound side. However, the inbound side has been operating with just a single automobile travel lane for some time now, seemingly without issue, so we agree with advocates that it makes sense to consider leaving just one automobile travel lane in place, thereby creating space for a second bike lane. This additional bike lane would better accommodate cyclists of differing abilities, particularly with the incline-portion of the inbound side of the bridge.

Please click here to download the letter Rep. Livingstone and I recently sent to the MassDOT Secretary and the Highway Administrator, or view the letter posted below. And if you care to learn more or get involved with the advocacy effort, please take a look at this online petition.

As always, please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns about this or any other matter. Thank you!