Craigie Bridge Bicycle Reconfiguration to Begin in June

State Representative Mike Connolly is pleased to announce work will begin in June to reconfigure the Charles River Dam Road near the Museum of Science to enhance safety for all users.

The project area spanning Leverett Circle to Charlestown Avenue is currently a confusing and dangerous six-lane stretch of highway. Improvements will include enhanced pavement markings, wayfinding signs, bicycle signals, continuous bike lanes with separation on both the inbound and outbound sides, a dedicated left turn lane into the museum, and the removal of one vehicular travel lane. The work will be timed for minimal impact at peak travel hours and is expected to be completed by August.

Bicyclist and Boston University graduate student Meng Jin, was struck and killed Nov. 9 by a dump truck at Museum Way and Monsignor O’Brien Highway, prompting calls for enhanced safety and subsequent public meetings held by DOT in conjunction with DCR. During that time Rep Connolly has joined with legislative colleagues, activists from the Boston Cyclists Union, and others to advocate for all vulnerable users of the corridor, support for protected bike lanes, traffic calming, and improved connectivity to other nearby bike paths. DOT has additionally conducted an independent safety audit that has informed their decision making.

“I am grateful DOT and DCR have heeded our call for more protected bicycle infrastructure for Charles River Dam Road, enhancements that will improve conditions for all road users, help curtail carbon emissions, and lead us down the path toward vision zer0,” Rep Connolly remarked. “Thank you to my colleagues, including Rep Livingstone and Senator DiDomenico, and to the Boston Cyclists union for getting involved in the process, and to DOT for their leadership in updating these facilities to reflect our shared climate and safety goals.”

Slides from the recent public meeting can be found here.