$500,000 in state grants awarded for infrastructure improvements at Somerville's Boynton Yards

Representative Mike Connolly is pleased to join with local colleagues to announce $500,000 in funding from the state's MassWorks Infrastructure Program for water and sewer improvements in the Boynton Yards area in Somerville, Massachusetts.

This state funding will be used to modernize a failing 140-year-old sewer system and enable separated stormwater and sewer service to support the redevelopment of Boynton Yards, which will be served by the Green Line Extension (now under construction).

The $950 million Boynton Yards development will create approximately 425 apartments (20 percent of which will be affordable), 426,911 square feet of office space, 112,250 square feet of research and development space, and 30,478 square feet of retail space, helping to deliver much-needed commercial tax revenue for the City of Somerville.

"I am pleased by this commitment to deliver $500,000 in state capital funding to support the modernization of sewer and stormwater infrastructure in Somerville," said Representative Connolly. "As a first-term legislator and a member of the House Committee on Bonding, Capital Expenditures, and State Assets, I have been a supporter of the MassWorks program to fund improvements to public infrastructure across the Commonwealth. Moving forward, I will continue to stand with local residents who are organizing to ensure that our public investment in Boynton Yards and the greater Union Square area translates into an increasingly inclusive and vibrant mixed-use neighborhood built around the aspirations and needs of the people who live and work in our community."

"We’ve seen the harmful impacts of our Commonwealth’s antiquated and failing sewer systems increase in recent years. This funding provides an exciting opportunity to separate sewage and stormwater in this part of Somerville," said Senator Patricia Jehlen.

"I am delighted that this MassWorks grant will enable Somerville to separate some of its antiquated combined sewer overflows (CSOs) into dedicated sewer and storm water pipes. Nineteen Massachusetts communities still have CSOs in urgent need of separation, in order to end the ongoing contamination of our water with untreated sewage and associated pollutants," said Representative Denise Provost.

Through the MassWorks program, the Commonwealth directly invests in local infrastructure projects based on the needs of local communities. Since 2015, the Department of Housing and Economic Development has awarded close to $275 million in MassWorks grants to support 138 projects in 106 communities. MassWorks funding has been critical to the addition of over 2 million square feet of commercial/retail space, approximately 10,000 full and part time jobs, more than 7,000 housing units, and at least 7,000 square feet of new public space.

Through the 2018 round of MassWorks grants, more than $82 million for 40 projects will be awarded to drive an anticipated 4,000 units of new housing and more than 9,000 full time jobs. 37 communities will benefit from this year's investments, including Somerville. 

The Legislature passed an economic development bill in August that included substantial new funding for municipalities, including another $250 million for MassWorks grants. This legislation builds on the Legislature's work to partner with communities to catalyze economic development and create new opportunities for residents across the Commonwealth.